Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Peter Rabbit All in 2 nappy

My first attempt at an all in 2 nappy was both a success and a horrible failure lol. Using the Darlings Diaper pattern I thought I would try making an all in two with side snaps which is a design that always fits our 18mth old really well.

Hemp snap in all done :)

 Sewn together with elastic added (before turning)

 Turned, topstitched and casings sewn, I love the joy of turning something right side out and getting a sneak peak of the finished result :)

Adding generic snaps was a disaster though :( Even my poor husband was roped into trying to save the nappy lol. I really need to invest in a proper snap press!

 The finished result :) Apart from the snap fiasco I am very happy with it


  1. Hi Melissa. The nappy turned out well. I love finding Aussie sewing blogs. I'm following you now. Check out my blog and follow if you like ♥ Sherry

  2. Thanks for following Sherry! I'm really enjoying your blog :)